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a year and a half ago i met bash , he was older than me like 4 years maybe but i felt really good being with him and he was a really matured guy and that's what i liked about him more. my parents found out that i was secretly chatting with a guy and that too some of them were a little sexual things you know sexting, then i saw my father cry a little for the first time because of me , i couldn't bear it. i really did like no love him very much and so did he , whenever we had a fight , by the end of the day he was the one apologizing me , i really felt good when i was with him . But suddenly everything came crashing down when my parents got to know about him, they told me to delete my insta account and stop chatting with that guy . i told him about it that my parents got to know about him and they were pretty mad at me, bash was like its okay don't worry we will find another way to chat and all . But i wasn't ready to hurt my parents again , so that week a day before his bday , i sent him a long message which i still donno if he read it or not and deleted my account, but what i regret is not being able to say good bye properly. And now i donno why i started missing him, i started feeling guilty that i couldn't even say good bye to him .