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I still love you.

We broke up because of my stupidity, all i just want is some "lambing" i just want to feel loved, i just want you to fight for me, but sadly you didn't, when the time i said lets break up i didn't mean it, i just want you to say "why would we break up just for this stupid reason? Just beacause i have a celebrity crush?" But sadly as i said you didnt. You just said ok sure with a happy emoji thats when it hit me really hard. I feel really hurt, i feel like you didnt loved me. So thats when stupidity burst. I acted stupidly and agreed i said ok so that's it but deep down inside me i was hoping for some reconciliation that you will chat me and say i was just kidding ily, hoping that it was just a joke but you didnt reply it all ended just like that days pass and i heard you cried and there was some happiness in my heart cause i know you loved me. And as the days, weeks, and school year pass all i just thought is how to get you back, on how we can start our own chapter again, i even chatted you even though i heard some news that you have liked someone else but i endured it, i did not believe that. i even borrow your phone just to confirm it and then i checked your gallery and there i saw his picture. I was hearbroken. Days and months pass i heard the news that you are now officially dating thats when moving on comes to my mind. I tried moving on. I tried avoiding you. I tried all i can do. But sadly i failed, another months pass and we started practicing for the prom. I saw you everyday with him dancing happily i feel the combination of sad and joy, i feel sad because you're not my prom partner but happy because you're happy. Did you know that in 6th grade when i saw my older brother attending his batch prom I would think of you and me dancing together happily in our prom, i even hoped for you to stay in our school until prom. Prom day, you are really beautiful i just love your simplicity i love your eyes, nose lips, everything about you. We performed our prom dance eat and here comes the free dance. I stood up dance with my girl friends and finally i had the courage to go to you. I walked and walked and walked and finally stopped in front of you and your boyfriend. I invited you t dance and you agreed and your boyfriend also agreed cause he's one of my friend, he lend me your hand and we dance. I just wished for the time to stop and be with you longer but life isn't like that minutes later we stopped dancing, i glanced at you and you are still the same loving beautiful angel i saw in grade 4. The prome ends. 3 years later here i am still loving you but I can't say so but if you ever read this and feel like im talking to you then i would like to say I STILL LOVE YOU ALL THESE YEARS AND IM SORRY and i wish you all the best. 

Love, KIM