I subscribe to my stepdaughter's OnlyFans account.

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My wife's daughter (25) has an OnlyFans account. And I am a subscriber. My marriage is wonderful. I absolutely love my wife. She is perfect. Leaves me wanting nothing. I'll add that the young lady is my stepdaughter in name only. I didn't raise her. I've only met her twice. She was already grown and moved out when her mother and I first started dating. Also, she's just a lovely person that any mother should be proud of. Her content is tasteful and relatively demure.

I discovered her account bc she wasn't at all discreet about it. I'd seen her mention it several times on her Facebook account. And when I found it, I saw that she used her real name. So I assumed her family and friends knew about it. Still... when it came to ME researching and subscribing, I used a secret gmail account. So she wouldn't be embarrassed but also obviously so I wouldn't be found out. I knew my wife would be hurt if she knew. So I told no one.

I admit, I absolutely did find it very arousing. The forbidden-ness of it. I did pleasure myself with the images. And I've told her how much I liked it through messages. I've also tipped her extra. Because one, I felt kind of proud of her for having the confidence and will to put herself out there and I wanted her to feel validated. But also because two, I feel very guilty. I still look at her content but not so much for arousal or gratification anymore. Now it's really more just about appreciation of her beauty. Like looking at Playboy. I pay her monthly subscription plus occasional tips. And give her encouraging messages. She's a good person and deserves success. I know some people, perhaps even some in her own family would shame her so I want to be a voice of encouragement.

But her mother is a goddess. Besides what she does for me and my happiness, she's just all-around perfect. Works harder than anyone I know. Has enough compassion for the entire world. A perfect mother and sister and daughter. And of course a perfect wife. I'll never be able to deserve her. If she ever finds out about this, I'll lose her.

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