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I suck

I feel so terrible, so full of hatred. Why do I have to be me? Why can't I run away......I'm pathetic. I'm ugly, I'm undesirable. I can't do shit properly. I'm just a burden on my poor parents, they think I'm going to make it so big one day and make them so proud. I'm not even capable of it, all I do is lay on my bed all day. My friends think I'm nice, if only they could look inside my mind. Why is it only me?

Why can't I be normal?

Even cutting doesn't feel good anymore.

I just want someone to hug me till I forget myself. I'm tired. I'm so tired.

I don't want to be a failure.

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6 months ago

Re: I suck

I understand how this feels.

Trust me, you are not worthless, or pathetic, or terrible, or ugly.

Not to sound all witchy and spiritual, but your soul has a purpose on this earth.

If you need someone to talk to on the outside, I'm always here.

email me luxureandgold@gmail.com and I will provide you with my snap and/or insta, and we can talk there.

You don't know me. I am all of those things. I am ugly, that's a fact. I am pathetic, the way I am is nothing less of pathetic.

If I had a purpose, I would have done something by now, I have everything in the world. I can't blame anyone else, I was always given the best by my family. It's all on me.

So everything I said, is a fact.

Thank you for caring, but I can't reach out. If I was able to confess all of this to someone real, I wouldn't have been on an anonymous platform.

i get these feelings too no lie.. it hurts to feel this but u just have to be strong. well i cn say ur no failure, u think ur one cz u keep putting urself down, but u aint , myb as of now u havent yet found urself a purpose but follow ur dreams , once u start doing that everything will fall in place, and u arent unloved or ugly trust me noone is..... tho i have no idea who you are and i dont even know if well ever get too run into each other i hope u realize theres always someone there for u ...... if i knew u id be here always for u.. now smile and dont give up. ey i dont see a smile........ pllssss do smile ur quite gorgeous wen u smile