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I swallow a counter to get out of school

When I was 7, I would go to school everyday. But one day just decided I didn’t want to be there anymore. And as a 7 year old I was already an evil little manipulator so I just started brainstorming so ideas on how to get out of class. Only sick and injured kids got to go home. So I begin to think on how I could make myself appear sick or injured. It was a little late in the day to fake being sick considering i’d been fine moments before. So I needed an injury, but in a classroom it was little hard to cause a broken bone (scraps and bruises didn’t get kids sent home). So I was limited on what I could do. I had heard stories of kids who’d swallowed things and treated as though they were sick. So I looked down to the ground saw the jar of counters I was playing with, picked one up and put it in my mouth and swallowed. It was easy, simple enough. I walked up to the teacher and told her I swallowed a counter. What followed was me being sent to the office to be picked up by my grandfather, taken to the doctors and then home. Everyone was very sympathetic towards me “you poor thing” “I cant believe how big the counter was” Everyone to this thought that this was the accidental act of a silly little seven year old. But I planned everything out purposely.