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I think I do

There is this guy i think might like me because we were flirting with each other a lot at one point. but then i made a comment that might have made him feel like i have no interest in him. we dont talk anymore. he used to always make comments on my private snapchat story. i miss talking to him, getting excited seeing his name appear on my phone. and the thing is, i truly do not know what i might feel for him. is it the chase? the adrenaline? im just a flirt? but sometimes i imagine my future with him, i daydream about him, see him in my dreams. i cannot stop thinking about him. so i question myself a lot. what is it that i like about him? he does not have the best looks, just tall; 6'1. he can be pretty rude, his sense of humor can make me mad. we can be a little too different sometimes. but he's so smart and for me, that makes him so handsome. i dont know if this helps, but im a pisces and hes a virgo.... yeah....