I think I like my best friend

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Umm I’ve never used this before but please reply with your opinion

I have a friend that seems to like me.They often flirt with me and will say sexual things towards me but always passes it off as joking.They have said things like “You’re my world”,”I don’t know what I’d do without you”,”I think you’re really beautiful and your voice is one of my biggest comforts”and a lot of other things.We’ve been shipped together on multiple occasions and have been asked if we’re a couple.They’ve even tried to get me to cut off connections with my other friends.They can be kinda toxic at times but I still really like them.I want to tell them I like them but I don’t know if I should because it may risk our friendship.If I’m being completely honest I don’t mind that they’re toxic at times because if I knew they loved me as much as I love them I’d be perfectly ok with putting them first.By the way they claim they’re straight and so do I but I think we’re both in the closet but I’m not sure...

please reply with your thoughts and if you have any advice on how I can find out whether or not they like me.

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