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i think i like my friend.

i’m just really confused about my sexuality and my feelings. i think i like my friend. i’ve been friends with her for almost 2 years now and i think i really like her. she makes me really happy and has always been there for me. i’ve had other friends like her before but i’ve never felt what i’m feeling for them. i’ve been getting irritated a lot easily and she always helped me calm down and helps me try to solve the problem. i really want to tell her but i feel like it would wreck our friendship and i don’t want that to happen. i also think something’s wrong with me like whenever i get annoyed i get this sudden urge to dig my nails into my skin or dig my teeth into my nail and it feels so good. whenever i watch horror movies and there’s a jump scare it makes me feel good? idk how to explain it. and just thinking about it just gives me pleasure. i know i need to stop hurting myself. a few days ago was the first time in a while that i did it in probably a few months? my friend knows that i do this and she was the reason i stopped for a while but now i don’t know how to stop again. please help me.