I think I may be bi, but I’m scared

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Since a year ago I started feeling really confused with my sexuality... It started first when I became a feminist, but then me and my bestie would start cuddling, but just as friends, and she’s straight; I started imagining kissing a girl and how it would feel like, although I am not attracted to my friends, because I like my relationships with my friends, I started thinking about how it would be if I dated or kissed a girl. I just think that they’re more sensitive and they understand better that any guy and now I started questioning if I’m bi, because I really like boys but I’m kinda feel like I’m starting to get attracted by girls and I’m really confused. I’m also really scared to try cause seeing how my family look down on, and discriminate against the LGBTQ+ I really hate it and I’m too scared to try or even talk to anyone... Does anybody have some advice for me?

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