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I think I'm in love with my guy best friend...

So during the one year we were interning at the same hospital,we had memorable moments.he's tall,5'10 I guess,fair,freckled cheeks,full lips, hazel colored eyes,messy hair and is bulky in a sexy way(I realised how sexy he is only 2 months ago when I was separated from him).I am curvy,5'4,curly hair,black eyes and my head comes exactly at his chest if we hug.during our surgery rotation,we used to take breaks after a hectic day have tea outside the ER talking about almost everything.i didn't realised it at the time but when we managed a trauma case together,it was kind of a turn on.to see him cleaning the wounds and me suturing and then him handing me surgical instruments and telling me I can do it.it might seem weird to a lot of people but this is the kind of romance a doctor experiences.my favorite part was when we used to change dressings of our patients together and our hands touched and we both got red cheeks but ignored CUZ WE WERE FUCKING HANDLING A PATIENT GET A GRIP ON GIRL 😂 and then when we were successfully done with the patient's wounds and the patient thanked us and even sometimes asked us if we were a couple and we used to laugh and say no we're just best friends.God I wish I'd realised it sooner that I'm gonna eventually fall for him