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I think I'm in love with my guy best friend

So me and this guy were classmates in med school and it wasn't until the last 2 years that we became friends.i regret how I judged him and kind of disliked him the first few years of med school because of all the bad boy thing he had going on.we became friends when we raised money together at a funfair.and that is how it all began.he was funny,witty and in short we hit it off.i still didn't realise we'll actually end up being best friends one day.so we eventually added each other on social media,and used to talk time to time.we had different group of friends back then.even in our final year,we weren't really close friends let alone best friends.i still kind of judged him for dating a different girl every 3 months.anyway so we both graduated,congratulated each other formally and still didn't realise that we had a connection.3 months before we were to start interning,I met him submitting his forms at the same hospital.we said a casual hello and it turns out we both got our acceptance letter and were to work at the same hospital as colleagues.since we were both doctors and had graduated from the same college,it was only a matter of time till we bumped into each other in a lift.i was with another friend and while passing each other in the lift,he gave me a long stare.i just said hello and left.i kind of felt weird afterwards.because the way he stared at me was kind of sexy.i simply brushed away the thought and told myself it was nothing.the next day I got an insta request from him(we had already added each other on Facebook since the time we had collected money at the funfair 2 years ago).to be continued....