I think it was a body..

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My boyfriend and I decided to check out a new park to watch the stars at. So we decided to walk to one close but with a lake. We got there and it was so dark it was creepy. After about 2 minutes he stops me mid sentence and asks if I hear the dragging and scratching. I did. We looked across the water and all you see is two lights and a truck on the road near where it’s at. When we notice it the lights face our direction but we’re to far for it to see us so we communicated that we needed to leave bc clearly nothing good is happening. As were planning how to leave fast and quite the truck starts driving towards the pass to get to our side I start to panic even more and my boyfriend gets us out of there. I feel like they were dragging someone.. I want to leave a anonymous tip at the least but I’m not even sure if that’s what I saw. But it was 3am and it felt wrong I can’t stop thinking of it it’s haunting me. What do I do?

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