I think my cousin is in love with me

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So basically a year ago he kissed me, but I never agreed to that cause its my family you know and I don't want to have like a war between us, so since that day, he seems me like if I was him crush.

Yesterday I met with my family and he was there and I felt really uncomfortable during the day because he seems me on a really weird way, but when I was leaving, I went to say goodbye to him and give him a hug like with the rest of my family and he gave me a little kiss on my cheek but then he whispered to me: "this isn't the way that I would like kiss you" and then I leave.

I can't stop thinking about that, because I don't think the same for the simple fact that I don't like him, and he is my fkin cousin.

Anyways, help me 😔

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