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i think my friends like each other

so im friends with these two boys. we started hanging out when we were all 15 (about 3 yrs ago) and ever since then, we kinda formed a close circle along with two other friends. but about almost a year ago, i started to see some changes. two of my guy friends have become close. like super close. at first i thought maybe it's because they shared some interests like gaming and horror movies and stuff(although another guy in my friend group also loves gaming) but now, i dont know what to think.

before the quarantine happened, they always hangout in each other's houses. they say they do stuff like play games and watch movies but they dont invite us. they started to just keep to themselves. they share a number of things like clothes, books, and even a fucking playlist of songs that they dont want us to see?? like? what? whats so special about it?? and then i noticed that they kept on staring at each other even when theyre not talking to each other. they take like private detours when we're all going home,, saying that they have to elsewhere. and lastly, friend A wants to go to this big university right after graduation and friend B says that he'll kill just to get on the same uni as friend A - even tho he previously said that he doesnt care about college --idk whats happening.

is it possible that they like each other? please if anyone sees this, tell me what you think because id like to help them solve their shit. neither of them (from what i know) havent been in a relationship with other people before so.. yeah their behavior is kinda weird. and oh yea, as of now ive learned from friend B that theyre still talking to each other everyday - mostly video chatting.