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I Think Quarentine is Ruining my Relationship with my Boyfriend

I love my boyfriend, but sometimes I wonder if my love for him is the same as when we started dating. Due to the pandemic, we haven't been able to really spend time together like we used to in person. We text each other and video call often, but eventually the conversation runs dry. I wish it would continue, but we both run out of ideas and eventually we just walk away from our conversation, not even doing anything. We have tried truth or dare, but we can never come up with anything, and he doesn't really like two truths and a lie or anything else I have thought of. He likes video games, but I don't have the consoles he likes to play with him most of the time and he grows tired of mobile ones. I keep trying but he doesn't seem interested anymore. Is it really love if I am trying this hard? Is this me trying to save something that isn't even there? Did quarantine drift us apart? Or am I just realizing the way things have always been for the first time? I don't know what to do. I have reached out to my school friends and they have given me suggestions, yet any that I have tried, he ends up saying he doesn't like the idea. Is this the end, an obstacle, or a realization. I honestly don't know. I only see him in person once a week, and its for a short time around other people where we must follow safety protocols. We used to be so happy just leaning against each other in the library after school, not even sharing a word, but now that lack of words is like a dagger carving holes in my heart. What do I do?

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Re: I Think Quarentine is Ruining my Relationship with my Boyfriend

Hey girl. The moment I read the title of your’s, I almost broke down. I went through the same thing. I was seeing my bf multiple days a week & was doing almost everything with him. Right at the beginning of COVID, when it seemed to be the hardest at that point, he broke up with me. Although it was a temporary break, when we considered keeping the relationship, we also considered how COVID would change us as a couple. Ever since that break, I have been nothing but open & honest with him. I don’t know if you’ve told your bf how you feel, or maybe you said & I forgot, but you have to be honest with him or you can’t be honest with yourself. Check yourself: are you happy? is this worth it if when covid ends you’re back to normal? If either of those answers is no, then you have to tell him that. It will hurt badly, I’ve been there. But living a lie is unbearable & will take a toll on you. I hope everything works out with the both of you. I’m better with my bf after many tough discussions & evaluation. Either way, make sure your happiness comes first. I hope you are ok. I went through this & I’m ok.