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I think they hate me

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I don’t know if it was something I said or did. I loved them so much but it seems like they don’t care about me anymore. I always text first and they never reply. I’m the only one who says I love you. They haven’t been the one to text first in months. I knew it would be hard being so far apart but it just hurts. I feel so stupid for falling in love, I couldn’t help it. Shit sucks. Talking to them was the best part of my day. I’d sit staring at my phone screen waiting for the next notification. Now I don’t even bother, I know they won’t reply and they don’t either. I still love them so much. It’s like watching a flame die out and trying so hard to keep it alight, to lead the way out of the crippling dark. To see freedom and light. It was pointless. I wish they still loved me. Even if they didn’t, at least don’t lead me on. Don’t give me false hope. Stop the pain. I feel so guilty. I know they go through so much shit they really don’t deserve. I wish I could be the one to give them the world they deserve. I’m not enough it seems. I miss texting them. I don’t wanna come off as clingy so if they do reply I just don’t bother bringing it up. I can’t loose them but there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I just want then to be happy, whether that is with me or not. I just want the best for them. No matter what I’ll always love them, whether platonic or romantic. They’re the best thing I’ll have have and have ever had. if we ever figure it out, if the right time comes, if I could dream of being so lucky, if you ever come across this, I love you <3

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