I Think This Is A Good Thing?

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So I’m bisexual and I have fallen in love with one of my best friends. It’s actually a little weird when you say you live someone because now it’s like “oh yeah I like her/him/them.” Or “I have a crush on them.” But I really do love her. And I can’t tell if she feels the same but I think there’s a slight chance she does. I’ve decided to wait a few months to tell her because I want to take it slow and easy. And I mean I’ve had little crushes before but this is like... wow. Every time she touches my arm while we’re sitting together my heart flutters. I think I really am in love. Just writing about it makes me feel so much better...

it’s just too bad my parents are homophobic. Now that I realize this, how am I going to tell her? I’d have to keep everything a secret. I guess I just need to focus on finding myself and balancing out my mental health right now.