I thought my twin would

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I thought my twin would be the greatest supporter of my life.

She would be the one who would understand me the most.

But. ... ...

She was the first one to throw me insults after insults.


"You were too boring"

"You are too kind"

"Let's see if they'll last with your attitude"

" You'll never get someone"

" That's why you are single"

" I'm probably better than you at it"


"You have no value"

"You didn't do it right"

" If i did it it would be better"

" I'm more beautiful/prettier than you"

" You're so messy (even if she was the one who made the mess)"

" I'm always right"

I though my twin would be the greatest love of my life (platonically I mean).

Now ... Its just another toxic person.

I carried our lives together before she couldn't...

But now she's the only one who could...

I feel like I'm a dead weight for her.

I'm sorry for my mental depression.

I'm trying to regain myself.

I hope I can carry myself again.

I'll chastise myself and make a life for me.

As my own person.