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i try

for a while now ive been hurting and sometimes i feel like death would be my only escape, just like nothing is ever good enough. Put a smile on others face only to feel like im dying on the inside.. I honest dont give a fuck no more, i just want to feel like i matter. I dont feel close to family, relationships always feel like a sinking ship, i dont know what i feel anymore. but im glad i got this off my chest. bye bye 7/28/2020

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Re: i try

WHAT WAS THAT BYE BYE FOR!?!? Look I know it’s hard but plz plz plz plz don’t die I can help!

  1. go on little trips like a picnic or something to get closer to family
  2. same thing with friends
  3. this is only temporary

I know I sound a lot like other people on other documents but I am also going through something

read Help I am only 11!

thats mine

Your amazing dont deserve death.

Don't worry no matter how you feel.

Come onnn.. you matter dont let the people who want you dead get what they want.

Bruh your loved just dont give a damn and go shine. But I know how you feel.

But death isnt the answer.

Dont forget.