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I use a chastity device on my husband

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I just want to spit it out of my my husband and i were having an ok sex life.i was satisfied but not totally,he was normally more like the dominat one but i wanted to do that to him.tgen in the internet i came across chastity devices.I loved i mean loved the idea of having control over his orgasams and i noticed his dick gets erect really fast so that would also be fun i thought.i even masturbated thinking about it.Then one day i ordered it and it came and i hid it and went to my husband ,i showed him a few porn videos and slowly took it to chastity .I told i thought that was brilliant and i would want to try it.He said he didn’t know about it,I immediately said “why do u want to use your dick on some other women .”he said no.i said then why not .he didn’t say anything i acted like i was supper pissed .He said ok i will give it a try .so the next day i showed him the device (it was tiny abou 2-3 inches,but as i said about our sex life his was not that big his erect was about 4inches at max) then i locked him ur i put the key in my bra .2 days pass and he says he is sort of comfortable in it,then tells me to remove it cause he wants to masturbate or have sex i said no(it felt like heaven to say no)he pleaded i said i would throw away the lock if he argued he just stopped arguing(wow just wow few words made him shut up) those two nights his dick was trying so hard to get out of it (i enjoyed it) then for a week i showed him other femdom porn stuff(ballbusting,foot licking,rimjob,peeing on slaves) i noticed his dick trying to get out during that.he said he would be ok trying that stuff.Then after a week he comes to me and pleads me litterally pleads me to open it .So i say ok i will let u out only if u lick my legs for half an hour and lick my pussy for one and i kick him in the ball three times he disagrees but after some time agrees .(this power really wow) so i orgasam a couple of times and i didn't know but i really liked kicking him too then i removed it and edged him for half an hour and had the most wonderful sex i ever had.And this continued i increased the number of kicks slowly and since the last time he is in his chastity for a month now his balls are full.So it ended nicely