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I used to be a fat fetishist

Alright, this one is probably going to be screwed up. I want to say for the record that I did nothing illegal. However, I want to draw a line in the sand.

I used to find fat art attractive. None of that atrocious blob or gas stuff, but I had an attraction to fat characters. DeviantArt, Furaffinity. It was unhealthy. I never saw genitalia or any of that turgid material.

Recently I realized how screwed up I was after listening to some Catholic liturgies. I've let go of my obsession for a few days. But I have to live knowing I had an attraction to this kind of atrocious material. I've got a life to lead now, and hopefully I can carry on in life normally.

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Re: I used to be a fat fetishist

This is an update from the OP of the original post. A few days ago I checked into my local church and was absolved by the priest of all of my sins. To date, I am very happy to report I have been free and living a normal life. Currently, I have plans on writing and attending college and am enjoying my time with my family. I couldn't have been in a better position in life.

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the Original OP

On an additional note, I had this kind of obsession since I was fifteen. I just turned into an adult when I realized how abhorrent it really is. Absolutely revolting. Thankfully I've managed to move past all of it. Are there any tips as to how I can move past my mistakes? Is this unforgivable?