I used to care ...

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About having lots of friends, being accepted, being liked, being a socialite at work, being popular, being the talk of the party.

Now, after realizing just how shitty, weird, conniving and scheming humans really are...if everyone dissapeared except for my immediate family and the man I love I would be fine lol I promise I wouldnt ask questions.

Moral of this, people are shit and puuulease do not give them the satisfaction of getting to you or bothering you. Most people are short of pathetic. They hate what they see in the mirror so they damn sure dont care about you.

Fuck what and who and how people want you to be. Do you and be happy. When they think their titles and status make them better than you...imagine them taking a shit on the toilet, I promise their ass stanks just like yours in that moment. They fart before they shit just like you too btw.