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I used to molest my partner

When I was in high school and still exploring my sexuality, I used to joke around with my friends a lot about it. They were all straight, and it was kind of a running joke for me to flirt with them.

At some point it got to be more than flirting, and I would lean over to feel them up “for a joke.” I would occasionally ask if they were okay with it in general, and they would give a hesitant yes.

One of those straight friends is now my partner, and only really discovered they were gay thanks to me. I sometimes worry that molesting them may have screwed with their head.

We’ve talked about it since, and they’ve said they don’t mind it and enjoyed it back then, but sometimes I worry. They’re from a very Christian family, and being gay has brought them nothing but trouble, so the thought that that’s my fault gets under my skin sometimes. It probably isn’t, but... I worry sometimes.