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I wanna leave

my Family hurts me so much that I read or sleep to escape from reality and it sucks. I busted my ass working since I was 15... four years later and I have nothing to show for it... I finished high school and went straight to a trade school because my mom wanted me to and now I’m stuck working in a career I don’t wanna do (don’t get me wrong it’s good money) but my heart isn’t in it I do it for them but they don’t give a fuck... I’m mentally exhausted 🥺

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Re: I wanna leave

Ah, Congrats to Adulthud! this is Exactly how most people with family feel!x.x facepalm sad fact: you gonna miss em when they'r gone,,, I know,,, my father rip 13 yrs ago,,, mom diagnosed dementia 2 yrs ago,,, I used to fight about Everything cuz they'r unsuportive idiots against Any ideas I had,,, sad we can't fight anymore,,,:/ my point assessment be asses no helping it just do what you feel right & find way to vent up & some free time to figure what is it you actually wish to work?:) once you figure it & start to get into the zone money will come!:) I know!^^ lol good luck! & keep your cool!^^ ; )