i wanna spill my guts

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i want to throw up everything i ever ate.

im a 5’ 1” 120 lbs sophomore and hate my body. i want to starve myself into oblivion, i never want to eat. maybe then i would actually be happy with the way i look.

i exercise lightly— i know i should do it some more but diet is always a factor. it’s one of the things i can’t ignore. but now everything that passes through my mouth feels like i’m eating away my chance at being happy. i want to purge it all out, feel the emptiness inside, then go on a scale and see how it’s dropped. then maybe smile.

i won’t throw up. not tonight at least. but i don’t want to eat for the next few days. my stomach’s already growling— just fucking use the fat you stored away you stupid whore. i want to throw it all up. my body’s disgusting.