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I wanna stop

I live alone for most of my days, I don't have friends to go out with or talk to.

I know people but I don't consider them friends neither do I like talking to them

However the problem is that I kept contact with someone who was my best friend and is my ex boyfriend which is still love and he doesn't ..

I couldn't stay friends and I couldn't accept being treated like any other person in his life (I know I'm wrong but it happened)

We kept contact for so long but it was too painful I asked him to block me and he did..

I had his email so I sent him few emails and he ignores me

I don't blame him for it really, I would've done the same

I just don't know how to stop contacting him, even when I'm busy and focused on other stuff I still think about him and try to reach out it really sucks and it only pushed him away even further

I have no idea how can I stop embarassing myself and make myself even worse

I really don't know what to do anymore

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Re: I wanna stop

I have a friend jess who has the same problem as yours.. she was in a relationship for more than a year and then her bf just ignores her and one day tells her I can’t do this anymore i want to take a break but we can still be friends.. so they continued to be just friends not they exactly only she.

now when they broke up and he said let’s be friends he would ignore her, humiliate her by saying mean things to her like I don’t want to be friends now. I don’t want to talk..

Later he even used her for his homework and then he was back to being mean. He would say I have nothing to do with you, why are you pushing me to go back to being in a relationship with you: when actually she was not.. she was so obsessed with him that even after constant humiliation and insults she would help him whenever he needed her in hw and texted him when he as always be would be mean to her all the time. She knew she couldn’t be just friends with him.. I helped her move on and gradually she learnt to let go ,: it wasn’t easy though..!! But i want you to know that there are so many good things waiting for you, if you don’t learn to let go toxic things you’ll miss the beautiful ones that come in your way.. you have to get over him. You have to stop! Life has so much to offer. I know it’ll probably be very hard but you have to try yout absolute best to let him go cz you know you can’t be just friends with your ex.. it’s even a psychology fact that once you have feelings for someone there’s no going back to be just friends!