I want

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I want to be wanted. Not my money or cigarettes or for a place to stay. I want to be wanted for me. Not just my body either. For @#$%'s sake, I'm a person. Not a hole. Not just someone to go to when theirs something I can provide.

And since I've lost my job, no more income flow. And all I can do for any one is offer a shower. A couch to crash on. So that's why peeps have stopped coming over I guess.

That and because I'm nothing more then a fu#$>&÷ alcoholic.

Good enough to use for something's, but not good enough to want.

Go figure.

No wonder I'm just so tired.

I finally realized I'm just not nor will ever be good enough again.

Not with the title Alcholic.

And I'd rather be alone that be being used, especially after the title sugar momma hit.

Screw that. A women should never spend more calories supporting a man in on day then a man.