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I want a boyfriend

I'm 27 already and had no boyfriend since. Maybe because I'm ugly.

I have this resting b*tch face and I'm smart which made men feel intimidated (this came from my manager before, he's a guy by the way)

I'm scared trying dating app because, 1. I am not pretty. I have protruding teeth. 2. I'm scared. The internet is a scary place. If you know what I mean.

I just want someone to make me feel loved. :(

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Re: I want a boyfriend

I am 26 and I too have not found the right person. I am guarded and usually assume things are too good to be true . Try working on loving yourself a little bit more first and then your approach will naturally change.

you are beautifully and wonderfully made and God has a purpose for you do not base your thoughts negatively because society wants you to feel you need to change , be you and let them love the real you if they can’t they need to get the stepping. You are brave and you will overcome this ! Be proud of who you are and screw anyone who tells you or tries to make you feel different! Best of luck to you beautiful human♥️

Well?, first off, you shouldnt take that "resting bitch face" comment to heart. I mean GEEZ, we ALL have those lil imperfections, and may be some NOT so little, that we're hard enough on ourSELVES about So EAT IT MR MAAAnager..LOL Since Covid hit, Ive been seeing young ppl FLOOD the state parks like never before. I go there alot practice music and notice girls your age walking/hiking/ biking "alone". Sometimes the ones biking stop and talk and next thing I know, they're riding together. A group of guy bikers meet over at a shelter after an evening ride and Ill bet theirs been some hookin up. The "nature walk" type programs have really ramped up as well and they're not just for us TEENIORS anymore.LOL. You NEED to be hangin out where people are gonna congregate, sharing common interests (IN PERSON). And honestly, you never know how somebody else is gonna "see" you.Pretty much every woman Ive dated thru the yrs has had something they deem wrong with them, a nose, toes, scar, acne, no butt, butt too BIG, teeth crooked, hell , even elbows..LOL. I think when we're first attracted to someone, its not always100% physical. We often notice their personality, and how they interact with you and others as a more important quality, and Ive always seen any of those "imperfections" as being part of the physical "make up" that makes them who they are and what I like/love about them. What about the couple ya see together, who "YOU" think" GEEZ whats that pretty,lean tall girl doing with that lil dumpy spongy lookin guy?" AND, its not always about $$$. There was a girl your age out in MN back in the 80s we played music with and ppl, who didnt know her, used to ragg on her about her scrunchy lookin face and kinda "boney" appearance.BUT!, this girl had a personality that made ya wanna be around her, and care about her, wanna see her do well. AND she always had guys httin on her and honestly,if we ALL look hard enough, and pick someone apart, we're gonna find things that make them less than perfect. Unfortunately, a HIGH percentage of guys are insecure/intimidated around smart,"brainy" women.I was at 27..LOL.Thankfully ,that fades with age.You just gonna have to work with that and remember , the male ego is VERY fragile.(So no wise cracks about how dumb he really is..LOL) With covid , it gonna be hard to find any kinda "class" activity right now but it hasnt hampered outdoor/wildlife/ campground or recreational hiking /biking activity. Put yourself out there young lady for possible chance encounters! All the best.