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I want a vasectomy

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Im gonna be turning 16 this year and my girlfriend keeps asking me if id be ready to have sex with her, im honestly not sure, its something i feel like ive wanted to do for a long time, but generally i feel as if im not prepared to take it on.

her parents are extremely religious and kind of beat the idea into her head that people only have sex for procreation, even though shes also my age, and to be honest i dont want to be a teen dad, since she keeps bringing up that she “wants to have my kids” and “doesnt wanna use a condom” i feel like the only logical thing I can do is to try and get a vasectomy, but im not really sure how to bring it up to my parents. i came here since Plebbit has halfassed responses and 4chan would just cry over the fact that I have a girlfriend, yall got any advice for me?

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