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I want kill myself next week but im scared

Im honestly tired of my existence. No matter what I do or what I try i just cant seem to get anything to work. I have no friends and the small amount that I have dont even care about my existence, have never been in a loving relationship, lost my dream job and my parents think im a disappointment. Im seriously at the end of my rope and the only way out i feel is killing myself but Im also terrified of dying

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Re: I want kill myself next week but im scared

dont do it, plz

I'm not good at this advice thing, i just didnt want to ignore u. But maybe u should seek professional help like counselling. Have u tried talking to ur friends and your family as to why they dont care about u or why they think u r a disappointment. Btw u aren't, th fact that u got ur dream job is good, there might be another opening elsewhere with better opportunities. You'll get through this eventually. Are u religous? If yes, seek assistance from your deity. if u wanna tlk more i'm here.

P.S. u being terrified of dying is a sign, it means u shouldnt kill yourself. We usually avoid things that scare us for good reason.

also, i'm sorry if i said anything that offended u, i'm just trying to help. I dont mean to come off as pushy or 'all knowing'. i dont want to upset u anymore.

Why should you live for others??? Live for yourself. Open your eyes and see around you , life has given you so much. You have every single thing people have. You are blessed with five sense organs , you are blessed with your perfect body, you have nature that is nourishing you every single day.

If you feel like you don't have any goal in life then I will give you one. Keep me alive and that you can do by keeping yourself alive. I need you to live . If you don't care about your existence then at least care about mine.

The worst thing in life isn't failing , it's giving up. Focus on yourself and do something that makes you happy , not others happy. You are your friend , you are your world. Everything in this world is temporary, everyone in your life is temporary are you seriously going to give up yourself for something that is sure to end someday ???

Whatever difficult time you are going through will end. I am not saying happiness is permanent it will end too but if you seek and find inner peace then it will last forever. Calm your mind , don't let negative thoughts control you. You aren't their slave , you are the master.

Choice is yours. Either give up or discover what you have and show the people that you are special. Don't seek for their attention. When you find who you are they will come to you themselves.