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I want to be a girl im a guy.

I want to dress walk talk be treated like a girl and have a boyfriend and one day a husband but i cant because im a fat ugly 38 year old man and can never have anything like that. I want to be and do everything that a girl does i want to make a man happy and be everything he wants and needs.

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Re: I want to be a girl im a guy.

It's okay, girl. We live in the 21st century. All you have to do is make up your mind that you are a girl and *BAM* the rest of the world has to go along with your feelings.

After all, if they don't, then they are sexist bigots who are reducing gender to genitals, which is SO last century.

So go ahead, buy yourself some dresses and heels, shave your beard, put on a little lipstick, tuck your d**k and balls between your legs and live your life.

You got this, girl!

Imma gonna second what the previous responder said.

Sex doesn't exist anymore. Anyone can be whatever they want to be now, and the rest of the world has to accept whatever it is that they say they are.

So if you say you're a girl, you're a girl! It doesn't matter that you've got a penis and testicles. It doesn't matter that you have a deep voice and a beard. If you say that you're a girl, the rest of the world has to accept that. Those are the rules now.

Feel free to use the women's washrooms and women's change rooms in public. It's your right, since you've decided that you're a woman.

Heck, make yourself a dating profile on tindr and pick up men. Remember, you don't have to tell them about your biological sex because that's irrelevant now. If they don't love you like the girl that you believe you are, then they are bigots and should be outed so that society can cancel them.

You go, girl!