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I want to be skinny

I’m really fat and I want to be really skinny and people don’t understand that I look fat when I say I am. I don’t like the way I look. I’m tired of looking “soft”. I wish I can move out. It’s like I’m trapped with my family. I don’t want to eat anything. When I was at uni before corona. I didn’t eat anything. My mum didn’t know for a while and nobody did. All I got was compliments after not eating nothing.

I liked the way I looked. Because mum didn’t noticed I had stopped eating. I loved it soo much. But now I’m stuck at home eating like I haven’t had food before. I’m really sad. That why I want to move out. I feel like no matter what size I am I always get comments about the way I look. Sometimes it makes me cry and I feel sad. I just want to be skinny. And I can’t not eat otherwise my whole family will be like “what’s up?” “Why you not eating?” “What did you eat?” “Have you eaten?”.

I just can’t just “eat healthy” I get so hungry.