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I want to be what i want to be

I'm an 11 year old girl, but i feel like i'm a boy that's stuck in a girl's body. I always feel like i'm not belong in this body. I'm not saying i'm lesbian or something, but i actually still likes guy and still want to be guy. I want to be with a guy while still being a guy too, i just think that this body isn't the one that i want. I want to be a guy so badly i'm deciding to cut my hair short tomorrow, i'd also always wear an oversized hoodies and always wear the hoodie up because i think that i look like a guy with it because my long hair isn't showing.

Don't know why but now i put my pronouns as he/him/his but i also think that i'm gender fluid, i can't explain it clearly but sometimes i'd feel like a girl then a boy in the next but mostly i'd feel like a boy. I don't know anymore, but i just know to myself that i'm the most comfortable when everyone see me as a boy and putting my pronouns as he/him is what i'm the most comfortable rather than she/her or they/them.

*I just hope i didn't offend anyone with this, if i did i'm sorry <3

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Re: I want to be what i want to

Hey there,

I don't think I'm very knowledgable about the subject, but your gender definitively doesn't have to do with your sexual orientation, you can be who you feel like being, and you can love or not love whoever you truly love.

Fortunately, you are living in a time where being transexual is starting to get more understood by people, it's on the media and social networks, people are fighting for their rights and for being respected, because that's what we all deserve.

I'm gay, and frankly, up to now, I don't feel as comfortable as if I was heterosexual, there are still people who hates on us or who don't like it, but that's precisely why we must keep on living happily and expressing what we like and who we are.

It's great that you've realised being so young, you have a long road ahead and you have to keep knowing yourself, there's so much you may not know about you that will surprise you, and things you hate, but also things you'll love. I hope you have a great life.


I actually thought that I was a boy for a very long time but my situation's a little different I have a brother and all my cousins are brother I am the only girl in my family we didn't had a girl for a long time and also my neighbors were all boys. I had this buzz cut and then really small hair till grade 6 I guess and I used to wear guys uniform in my school and stand in boys line and my teacher used to always tell me to stand in girls line and I was always confused like I am a boy but I was very shy so I just used to do as people asked. At home I used to say I'm a boy and no one ever corrected me and used to laugh thinking it's cute it's just a phase I'm a baby I'll grow up then came this girl girly girl our new neighbor she was my father's friend's daughter so she was very interested in doing makeup wearing dresses and made me wear these really bad things oh my god these dresses were hideous and father took photos of us when I look at it it's so funny I mean imagine a girl wearing this orange frock with buzz cut yessss eleven that was me just 10 years back.

But the thing is now I am comfortable with my sex but I still can't wear these too cute clothes mostly I am in plain hoodie plain tshirt whatever but that doesn't make me a boy.I wear it because I like it also maybe because I'm lazy I guess not wasting time to wear something complicated and doing makeup but I hate those glittery clothes.

You are 11 you are a kid most people are gonna say it's a phase you're gonna get over it maybe they are right maybe not just listen to everyone and then do what you want to do. You feel how you feel you can't change it. I changed over time idk how I just did nobody forced me I just felt I'm a girl over time I mean I didn't talk much I was afraid of people so nobody influenced me either it just happened. But that doesn't mean it will be the same for you just give yourself sometime to figure it out maybe few years down and you won't be confused anymore you'll know what you are.

About your hair do what you want your hair doesn't define your gender style it however you like you know I'm in college now and I shaved my head actually my brother did I asked him to,people give you these looks it's okay some may say something cruel some maybe curious some think I have cancer some are like whyyy some might even mistook for a boy well maybe not if they look few inches down my face they'll know I'm a girl but it's okay let them be,you be you.when my friends saw it they were like why you were pretty so does hair make you pretty then why are you waxing girl.

Just do whatever makes you happy you are what you are. A dude wearing a skirt does not make him a girl he might be wearing it because he's comfortable wearing it he loves skirt or maybe because yes he feels he's a girl and loves girls cloth but that's for him to decide.Your gender has nothing to do with your clothes your hair makeup way of speaking. You might be doing something what's considered exactly opposite of your gender but you are fine with your gender or maybe you like things that most people your gender do but you still feel like this is not my gender. So just calm down and think carefully what you want to be. For me gender is like soul it can't be seen if you think you are a girl you are girl if you think you are a boy you are a boy but that's just my opinion. Nowadays you can even change gender but idk much about it's complications so I won't recommend also you're a kid so wait for it if you decide to do it and I've heard many people saying they regretted it so you have think a lot before it apart from that money, life threat and your parents agrreeing is also an issue. Maybe try imagining yourself with a dick it might help sorry your 11 sorry but kids these day okay sorry....

And if I offended you or anyone else that wasn't my intention these are just my opinions anyway i hope you figure it out.🤟