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I want to consider self harm again.

Recently I’ve been looking for a way to deal with my problems, my mother calls me all sorts of things and isn’t very accepting of my identity especially as a member of the LGBTQ+ including my father who thinks it’s just a “phase” or “false ideology.” I’ve cut myself before in the past when I was 13 and for two years I’ve been clean so that’s good. But the bad thing is that habit is slowly planning to come back, since things are getting worser and worser for me by the day this 2020.

I can’t take this anymore just tell me anything I can do, like ways to get my mind off of self harm, someone to talk to, just anything..

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Re: I want to consider self harm again.

It is sad that people around you do not accept you the way you are but that is the part you do not have much control over.

Unless you want to transition they shouldnt be too much of a problem anyway (apart form mental health) and you can do that afer you become an adult (should work just fine in early adulthood).

When it comes to self-harm it is important to understand what you are trying to achieve through this. There are many reasons for self-harm. Some peaple (like i used to) do it to embody the mental pain they are experiencing. Some try to punish themselfs with wounds. There are many reasons. Anyway... when you do find the reason behind your self-harm tendencies at first just find a way to achieve the feeling without actually hurting yourself or if you cant find a good supstitution force yourself not to for as long as you can while trying to deal with thought patterns that trigger these feelings. Also if you can seek help of some kind of a therapist.