I want to die

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I'm so sick and tired of every fucking thing. Every morning I wake up and feel the crushing agony of having to be stuck as this pathetic piece of garbage that I am again, and I've to push myself through this hellish life AGAIN. It's so fucking ridiculous how every single aspect in my life HAS to be a fucking mess and torment me and make me want to die. Oh, and I fucking hate my mom for putting me into this misery. She emotionally abuses me and fucks up my mental state as much as she can and never lets me live a normal life, and then she betrates me for showing the slightest bit of upsetness. Just how much does she have to make me suffer? I'm this fucking pathetic excuse of human because of her and she doesn't let me escape this hell no matter how much I beg. I just want to be okay... I just want to feel how it feels to live normally... That's all I want... I just want to be happy... Is it too much greed? Is it too much? Should I just die then? What's the use of suffering like this? What's the use of ANY FUCKING THING?

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