I want to die

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I'm 18 and don't there is anyone out the there who thinks that i am I'm important. More than half of them doesn't know I exist and those who know I exist pretend to not know the same. So i think ending my life is only the option. I don't have friends. Those people calling them as my friend don't even know from what I'm going through. I thought I might not have many friends but there should be one of them who might think that this friendship thing I deserve but shes one of them after all. She doesn't call me or text me instead she expects me to call her every day and when I do shes busy. My classmates only wants to talk to me when I score good otherwise I'm just a person who sleeps at the last bench. Never been in relationship , never experienced how being a bf/gf means.. So no experience no comment. My parents don't think I deserve to have a birthday party with my friends and I got scolded and beaten badly for doing that. I don't know what I did wrong. Now my so called friends are partying and I'm watching their insta stories and crying... I wanna die...

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