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I want to die but I don't want to feel pain wtf lmaoooo

Ok so I'm a 17 year-old girl and my life really is a fucking trash. Also I'm ugly inside and out. I hate my abusive father and yeah.

I'm a fuck-up at studying bro I have like -1 IQ. I don't have friends and don't think I'd want to have 1 either so...

I've had some friends that I've met on Facebook but I destroy everything around me so yeah ;)

I worry for almost all the time over nothing. I suck at socializing. Ofc most of u would think "If you want to doe then just do it. Why even tell people?"

Man idk...

Last year I decided to tell my mother about the weird feeling that I get when I'm around ppl and she was like "daym u going crazy" lmao not exactly like that but seriuosly I really regret it.

I belived those people that ur family will help you but it all just bs.

I want to commit stop breathing pls. But idk how. Not UwU

The thing that keeps me alive for now r my fav. anime like really. I'm waiting for SnK season 4 hehe

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Re: I want to die but I don't want to feel pain wtf lmaoooo

I really do suck at socializing too. I do have pple as friends but at thesame time it's like i dont have at all you know that feeling when they not just the right pple to vent out too.especially whn you know they wont really get your perspective and when you do tell some they laugh about it. And you'll just be going crazy in your head.it hapoens alot. What keeps me going is music and sometimes movies.I wish I'd say myself but I'm still trying to love myself and i suck at it

Why don't you create something? Go to Anime forums and the music you like and write about it. It's really wonderful that you love something so rich... Dig on that direction. There is love in you. You just have to kindle it. And kindle it. Life can become better. You just might have a very specific love... Don't try to fit the expectations of your environment. Look for an environment where your love can grow. That environment is surely around Anime and the good movies you like. There is a very pure wave of Love coming from Japan on this earth. Drink from it. May the Goddess kiss you and make you lighter, sister. You can be a Coral too.