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I want to die

I want to kill myself but I don’t know how because I’m scared of pain so I want to die fast

I don’t want my mum to be sad though but I have no other choice anymore I am so torn between things and nothing is right in my life

i took about 30 beta blockers the other day just so I could feel something and nothing happened

now I have no beta blockers left

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Re: I want to die

Hi anon,

What about the rest of your family and friends. Is there anyone you can talk to


I really feel for you and your distress.

Try some breathing exercises to see if that will relax you a little. I would maybe call your gp in the morning too and ask to speak to someone x

Often, when we find ourselves in crises, we cannot see anything beyond. I don’t know what situations are going on, but rethink, maybe your crisis today isn’t as relevant 30 years from now, Don't take your life with weight and pain, let the things that hurt you go, there is always another way, another way out, maybe you just don't see it yet, maybe in a day or a year something incredible will happen to you, I hope you find the light at the end of the tunnel and realize how many wonderful things await you.