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I want to die

I want to kill myself, or at the least, self harm so bad. Should I? I got into a horrible fight with my husband and I feel like there isn't anything left for me. I can't seem to get pregnant, so he's gonna leave me sooner or later. I just... I need to escape. Video games and books aren't doing it for me anymore coz they eventually end.

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Re: I want to die

For whatever reason, going from suicidal to living and loving life doesn't happen overnight. Even if it could, I dont think we'd benefit much from that. Rather, getting from where you are to where you want to be happens gradually. Pause for a moment. Stop looking at the tip of the giant mountain. Your feet and hands aren't there, they're here, with you. And the only way you're going to get from here to there is by taking a step. So focus on the step, not the mountain. What is the next best step to feeling better? Maybe its patting yourself on the back for expressing yourself and seeking help. Maybe it's not about understanding why things happen just yet, but making peace with them. Letting go of what has been and embracing what you can.

Stoped thinking. STOP EVERYTHING. just literally pause it all. Think about how your presence is crucial to people you love. It might sound harsh but you will literally scar all of them for life by committing self harm. They say life is beautiful. In reality it always isn't. But you matter. YOUR presence, the things ONLY you can do matter. And that is what makes life worth living.