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I want to end it all

i took 2 hours to write 12 paragraphs and my FUCKING page reloaded due to my SHIT internet so now it is all gone :/

i was just going to write something to justify why i was going to commit suicide but i guess this is going to be the last peace of me on this hell hole of a world. peace out yall. i cant stay here anymore but it is time for me to go. i would say that i had been fun but its quit the opposite, but i guess that is the reason im kill my self.

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Re: I want to end it all

hey no no no, please stay. And my gut tells me you are still here, do not give up in life not yet. There are so many beautiful experiences to come, I know its hard right now, but trust me it will get better.

if you want to leave, leave the things that make you sad run away from them, run away with your thoughts, indulge in something meaningful and nice that will bring peace to you. Help someone in need, there’s a human connection to it when you are helping someone else you are actually helping your own self, but hey talk to me im here....

this is the dude that wrote this, to the person that replied thank you. but there is so much shit going on in my life eat the moment that i dont know if i can deal with it. everything after these is just to fill the rest of the text spots because you cant post unless you have 300 characters

I love the quote ‘every passing moment, is another chance to turn it all around’

so hey I understand its getting harder to bear the pain, but talk to us over here, we can help each other out.

you can share your pain with us here, here to help.

hope you feeling a little better talking here, let your emotions out, you will feel better.

well im a sociopath so i cant feel emotions and it just makes me want to kill my self, i had a girlfriend for 3 years straight but she broke up because i was not enough. i have nothing. there is nothing to live for. i have a mother that hates me and she wishes that i was never born because she wanted a better child, and that is just the start of my problems.

well it must have been really hard, i have gone through some similar experiences in my life and not just once, but multiple times, the first time it was the hardest when my world kept falling apart.

i moved away from it, took me sometime, but it taught me one life lesson, I need to love myself, and do somethings that will give me the happiness, and i went for it, a solo trip i always wanted to take, but expectations always tied me down, had the most wonderful experience. Backpacked with some strangers had no expectations, was so much fun.

i am a different person now i love myself first, and give a fuck to the artificial world.

and yeah i do help someone in need, it helps me grow, and makes me happy, like even talking to you.

be happy my friend, think about you care shit about people around you and walk your path.

The internet-loaded-incident-shit was maybe a big sign for you NOT to do it

You know.. suicide won't be a great solution

If you've been planning to have suicide, write down the Pros & Cons first

Life is so unpredictable, so I guess you wouldn't know what will happen after you die

You wouldn't even know if you'll be happy too

I've had thoughts of suiciding as well, but what bothers me more are the things I won't be able to do anymore

and that's what makes me want to live instead.. sometimes I've been thinking of being unable to get my revenge would be a great regret LOL

(PS: I did my revenge quite several times, and presently I think I'm also doing it so people won't benefit from me, making them sadder than me makes me feel better -- omg is this weird?!)

I wanna live free and I wanna stay away from people who won't be of help or whom I don't like

Do things that you like without giving a fuck on what others will say/think

Don't just end it with a suicide, before you do, make sure you had your revenge -- then make a great exit!

Good luck