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I want to feel good.

I wish I had a man who was willing to please me. Honestly doesnt even have to be a man at this point. I havent had good sex in a very very very long time and just wish I could meet someone who didnt stop after they were done a few minutes in.

I want to feel pleasure too. thank you for letting me vent


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Re: I want to feel good.

From middle school to marriage I was a lady’s man. I literally look like s movie star. My body looked like more muscular Thor.

My penis is 10 1/2 inches. It takes me over 2 hrs to have sex. Until my late 40’s I could have sex for 24 hrs if that was an option. I’m in my 50’s & can only go two hrs twice a day now. Surgery slowed me.

Hot females endlessly wanted me. Asked me out. Took me out. That was unusual back then. That was pre viagra so I was endlessly told be a porn star.

I’d goto all female parties. Ladies & me. I dated cheerleaders from different schools. A real pro model. Athletes. Super hotties. I’d sometimes be in a room full of females dancing naked. Them too.

But when I fell in love that was it. I’ve never touched another. My wife is sick. Can’t have sex. Driving me nuts. Lots of hand time. But that’s love.

It’s weird. I’m in my 50’s but look 30. No wrinkles. Fit looks. All my hair & teeth. I endlessly get flirted with & asked out. Mostly by college aged females. A few in their 30’s. But average looking females stare; but are afraid to talk to me.

I’ll never have sex again. Well real sex. But I don’t care. My wife owns my soul.

I’d say get you a movie with nudity & a vibrator. I’ve watched many females doing that. I’ll tell you; there are some freaks out there. I saw some crazy stuff in the day.

I was sculpted 275. I’d Stand in a room; hold them up, & go for it. I’ve had other women watch. That’s weird. Glad I grew up without a disease. I was safe. There were young women who dated little or average size men that I couldn’t get in. Buzz kill. I also sent some to docs. Some lady walked up & yelled at me in public. You damaged my cervix. Well she never said stop.

I knew women with a drawer full of vibrators; dildos; you name it. She mixed it up.

if you arent interested in having sex with other women why did you reply? jut any excuse to brag or what? lol congratulations I guess*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************