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I Want to Get Out

My father has been touching me on my chest area ever since I was in middle school. But I feel like I can't do anything about it. My sister has been touched in that area ever since she was in elementary school and didn't tell me until recently.

We live in a single parent household, with my dad being the head of it. We feel like we can't do anything about it. We have had arguments about it before and it boggles my mind that my father thinks he has legit logical reasoning behind it.

His reasoning is that he is a single father and an average grown man NEEDS sex. However, since he is single, he can't have any. So, us as daughters should help their dear father out and let him touch us in those areas. If we don't, we're ungrateful bitches. <- yes, he has called us this.

As I said, we have had arguments about this and we have expressed multiple times that we hate this and it's literally hurting us mentally. I have cried multiple times in his face, but he doesn't care! I told him "You'll never understand how mentally damaging it is to be sexually assaulted." and he responded back with "YOU'LL never understand what's like to be a single father raising kids."

I've told him that I can be a good daughter through others ways, such as helping out with chores around the house or going to college and getting a good career. He doesn't care. He thinks if we don't let him literally molest us, then we're ungrateful and we're not of his blood.

We have had moments where we thought "We're going to move out." and it was actually about to happen at one point. But my sister came to me saying she didn't want to move out because we didn't have enough money. I think she was also just scared for us to be on our owns too.

I want to do something so bad, but I don't know what. Do we just let this happen to us? Is there something we can do? I just want to get out so bad.

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Re: I Want to Get Out

You're father is a prick for feeling entitled to molest you two.

Being a parent, raising children.. is an obligation, not an investment.

A father, or family member is not entitled to abuse you...

The best thing to do right now would be to ask help from the police..

Call 911 or child rescue services

If you can get incriminating evidence.. maybe you can record him arguing to touch you two..

A voice recording would be somewhat enough, so you can make a case against him.

Also, maybe reach out to a close relative? your mother?

I feel heartbroken reading this, I'll include you in my prayers

You don't deserve this.. You two stick together, sending love!!


I agree with the previous person. This is a criminal act and you need to involve the law. Get as much evidence as you can before you do. It would be a lot better than the situation you are in now. He and no other person has a right to your private areas whenever they want.

Other people knowing would shame him also. Right now he is getting away with it so he feels entitled.