I want to go back to normal

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I feel so lonely, its killing me. I had friends in school, we drifted apart and the 1 friend that i thought would stay with me is also gone now. She doesn't call, doesn't text me. I send them messages, try to talk to them and I get no replies. I'm tired of fake friends, always pretend and assure you that they'll be there when you need them but they never are. And they don't even try to understand what you're going through. I was not always like this, I was a fun bubbly chatter box. I have social anxiety now and I hate to be around people. It hurts, cause I have so much to say, so much to talk about yet I feel like no one is listening. I hate this pandemic, I just want to go back to normal when life was moving, it has just come to a standstill now.