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I want to Kill my Father

I was 8 years old when late a tnight he pointed a gun at my mother 4 feet away from her with me in front of my mom while she was hugging as I looked into my father's raging eyes.

I just turned 9 and on the exact day of my birthday, We were in a multi cab with me on shotgun and my mom was on the back. She wanted to get off to hurry my brothers but just when she stood up, my father, as angry as he was, tired of waiting for my brothers (we were going somewhere to celebrate), he hit the pedal and the multi cab roared as my mother fell down and hit her head. As we drove away a tear fell down my cheek anxiously wondering if she was okay.

I was 11 years old when he banged my mom's head on the side of our door and she fell unconsciously while me and all my brothers looked at them as my brother screamed "Dad!".

It was since I was 13 when my dad would constantly scream at her face as my mom would just stay silent with the hopes that maybe he's calm down if she just stayed that way.

I'm currently 19 and I want to kill my father but I don't know if it would make me, my family or my mother better, but I know I want to kill him right now. Help me. Please.

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“Re: I want to Kill my Father

Please, please call the authorities to put him in jail, and help your family. If it really is needed, protect her and use self defense. If you have proof, that would be great for the authorities as well. Maybe find a way to “stun” him, or making him unconscious, and run. Run away, and call the authorities. I hope you and your family get out of that abusive relationship, and hope the best to you.

I feel so sorry for you. I faced the same exact problems as you do. Do Not try to kill him. That will make you go to jail. I know that's so hard because every time I see my father I always see what he did in the past and that makes me so angry too. The best thing you can do is make sure you have some proof to show what kind of monster he is and let the authorities take care of the situation. And when he's in jail all you have to do it to start over. I know that's what you all want. Specially your mom. So stay as far as you could and start a happy life because you and your mom deserves so much more.

I am so sorry you have to go through that.

I advise you to get a legal expert to help you file a restraining order against your father.

It's harder to help you because I don't know where are you from..

Domestic Protection Laws vary from State to State in the US.

Personally, I'm not from there.

But if you have your siblings and mother to testify against him..

You may have a chance in restraining your shitload of a father..

That's a solution you can try to do

You all don't deserve this kind of abuse.

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Murdering someone really affects your whole life. Think about the consequences, your mental health. Go to the police and face him like a stranger, an abusive person. No hard feelings, do the right thing. Sending you all my love and support, you are strong, you can do this.