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i want to kill myself.

i'm 12 years old, and i'm seriously considering committing. everything in life seems so dull. i don't know how to explain the feeling. it's almost like i'm drowning in sadness and anxiety. i can't sleep at night. every movement hurts. i feel like i'm a burden. please help. my family doesn't love me, and my best friend hates me now. nothing i do seems to help this horrible pain i feel. my anti-depressants and anxiety meds don't even make a dent in my mood anymore. i need some freaking help.

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Re: i want to kill myself.

I know exactly how you feel. I can’t tell you that’s it’s gonna get easier cuz it won’t, but killing yourself is not the solution. I don’t think you really wanna die, u just don’t wanna live the way you are rn. I don’t think that ur friends and family hate you, they just don’t understand what you’re going through. Try and see the good, be nice to urself, change the scenery, find something to look forward to, set small goals and reward yourself, and slowly but surely things will get better.Sending love ❤️