i want to leave

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i think im getting bullied and i cant do anything about it. these girls always follow me around school calling me things like “c*nt” or “b*tch” and other things, they also take photos of me and make fun of me but the thing is if i do smth about it they will expose me from when i thought i was friends with them. they manipulated me into saying all these bad things about other students and they send it to the people i talked about. i cant do anything about what they are doing to me as no matter what everyones on their side and im just seen as two-faced. i just want to live life invisible why is it so hard. i wish i never said all those bad things and i wish they never offered to be my friend. its all my fault they already made me lose a friend by showing them what i said about her. i never meant it i really appreciated her. should i move schools or will that come off as pathetic?? (they started doing this recently btw)

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