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I Want to Leave

I'll be graduating High School in 2021, and though I'm nervous of having the responsibility of being an adult I'm also ready for whats to come. This is mainly because all my life I feel like I have been adult.

Had to take care of my siblings, cook and clean, make sure my mom played rent and that she wasn't blowing money on who knows what. Home is stressful, I think I'm doing fine then everyone in my family house delivers a blow showing I'm not, always screaming and arguing, blaming each other for little to big things, my grandmother who keeps whining to me about how incompetent my mother is, telling me I'm an angel to the family only to snap thee next second and whine about how I do nothing!

As much as I love my siblings, I really wanna leave. I plan on going to dorms for the college I apply to just to get away from them..but then I feel so messed up for wanting to leave them so badly. Everyone always says we should cherish and appreciate with our family and stay close but it's just something I dont think I want to deal with anymore.

I think I'm ready to leave, even if i'll face what comes next myself, I want to leave