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I want to make love to my uncle’s ex-wife? Am I a pervert

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I want to taste her pussy. I want to milk from her breasts. I want to make love. I want to have wild sex with her. She was a very unforgiving spouse when married to my uncle Len but with me she will forgive because the sex will be so amazing. She is only 12 years older then me and already passed menopause so her “crazy years” are over. It was in those years that she divorced my uncle because she was “crazy”. He’s a lazy alcoholic though but I’m not. I work hard and I work from home which means every couple hours we can have sex.

They live in Arkansas and so the rednecks and that means that my cousins will not mind and my cousins can become my stepchildren.

I’m 45 and she’s 57, again past menopause. I’ve never had a wife because I’m autistic, am I a pervert to want this? I know it’s just a fantasy but is this fantasy sick? Probably will never see her again as she hates our family because of the divorce but I like to fantasize and imagine that the drunk uncle dies and she sees us at the funeral is gracious and suddenly falls for me and we get married.

i’m dripping semen in my pants just thinking of this.

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