I want to pass on a legacy

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I have a son, which why I've changed my entire life.

This son has a mother, with the biggest and most loving family I ever seen.

Big Xmas party with more people you can count.

Good people everyone, descent people. Great family

That's why I am happy for my son.

But on the other hand, I have nothing to offer to him.

I have no family, our Xmas party is me and him alone.

Only things I can offer him, is some time and stories.

But I want to offer more, I want that he grow seeing the world is a playground

And you do whatever you want.

I want him to be proud of his father

I want to fill the void I can't give to him

Only way I know how to do this, is by accomplishing the impossible and give him a legacy

Something that will stood the time, where he will be proud

And learn everything his father discovered travelling the world.

There is no limits, only those in yours head.