I want to save and remember cool memories

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Soo, does anyone have that feeling or that need to be cool? And by cool I mean like having a really spontaneous , cool and nice pictures this kind of ones that when u look at u be missing that feeling, that cool ones that leave u a great memory.. and I think a lot of ppl have this kind of stuff but mee which upsets me somehow lol..

but for that u need someone to take them for you, but what if I don’t have someone to do that to me I like mean like my friends don’t care about taking this kind of pics for me while I really do almost all of the time..

so I really need an advice or help, how can I ask them to do so without actually asking them so I don’t look like a lame person (the kind of one im being rn here lol.. it’s just like I really wanna feel like living a full life and having amazing memories to look back for so it don’t be like I’ve done nothing in my teen days and twenties

i now it sounds like a stupid issue to have but I really don’t know how to act with this one